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Market Data

We continually add useful commands to the bot to help traders see real time market data without leaving Discord. These subpages will go over all the available commands and how to properly use them.
Crypto charts, stats, & prices will be modified soon where you can choose to request data from a specific exchange.



$c TICKER <time> | $chart TICKER <time> I.e. $c AAPL | $c TSLA 1w | $chart SPY 15m
The bot can display charts in Discord by using the $chart or $c command. By default, the timeframe shown for charts is 5 minutes if one is not specified. Specify the timeframe after the ticker using m or min or minute, h or hour, d or day, w or week


I.e $c BTCUSD | $chart DOGE | $chart ETHEUR
Charts also work for crypto coins just by specifying the ticker & currency pair.

Stock Stats

$s <ticker> | $stock <ticker> I.e. $s TSLA | $stock AMC
The $stock command provides some data for any ticker specified. The following is the data provided;
  • Price (Including extended hours price)
  • Price Movement / % Movement
  • Volume & Avg. Volume
  • Open & Previous Close
  • Daily High & Low
  • Year High & Low
This command can also be used for crypto if the currency is attached to the ticker. I.e. $stock BTCUSD We'll add a separate $crypto command just for cryptocurrencies.



$p TICKER | $price TICKER I.e. $p TSLA | $price AAPL
The $price or $p command gets any ticker price without any extra data.


$p TICKER/Cuurrency I.e. $p BTCUSD | $price ETHUSD
The $price command can also get crypto prices Be sure to attach the currency to the crypto ticker.

Top Gainers/Losers

$gainers | $topgainers | $topg $losers | $toplosers | $topl
The $gainers command displays the top 10 highest gainers of the day in reference to the last closing price. The $losers command displays the top 10 losing stocks of the day in reference to the last closing price.