Setting TP/SL

How to set or change TP/SL, one or both can be set. These can auto close your trade when their specified levels are hit.

How To Set

Take Profit & Stop Loss can be set, or just one. The format is not strict, just need to specify the price after the letters TP or SL | To cancel one, set it to 0 (zero) Example; TP 2.34 SL 1.23
You can set a Take Profit and/or a Stop Loss on your trades. It helps to set a stop loss on your trades as you would in your real trading account, otherwise your options trades can expire for -100% and impact your stats if you forget to submit the exit. Each time you submit an opening trade a temporary blue button labeled Set TP/SL will be available. When clicking this button the bot will prompt you with an ephemeral message that only you can see noting the format to use when setting a TP and/or SL. The format is simple, just be sure to note TP before the price of your Take Profit and SL before the price of your Stop Loss. Characters can be used between tp/sl and the price, a space between TP/SL and price, or even none at all. When successfully setting your TP/SL the bot will react with
and it's ephemeral message will edit to Added new TP/SL. and you will see that the original bots confirmation message reply to your trade has been edited with the set prices for your Take Profit and/or Stop Loss. You can either set one or the other. To cancel one just set it to 0. The bot will not allow you to set a TP under the current market price or an SL above the current market price for long trades, and vice versa for short. But TP/SL can be changed at any time as the market price moves.

Changing TP/SL

$list Displays 5 latest open trades
You can change your TP/SL anytime by hitting the same button again, or using the $list command which will show your last 5 open trades. (We're working on the ability to show or select more trades to display) ​

When TP/SL is Hit

Trades are intended to auto close when your specified TP/SL levels are reached. When this occurs you will receive a DM notification from the bot, be sure you don't have DM's disabled for the server you're using it in.
Auto closing at TP/SL when hit is not always 100% success with volatility, if you have them set and your play didn't close when hit please use $fixtrade or reach out to support.