The bot listens for 4 triggers when entering in your trades.

Long positions

  • BTO - Buy to Open
  • STC - Sell to Close

Short positions

  • STO - Sell to Open
  • BTC - Buy to Close
Triggers & tickers are not case sensitive.

Trigger Aliases

These work just as triggers do and are used at start of input.
Open (Long/Short)
Close (Long/Short)
Open (long) / Open Long / Open Short Opening (long) / Opening Long / Opening Short Long / Going Long Short / Shorting / Going Short Buy / Buying / Bought - Note: As of now, these are long or BTO. Not closing short.
Close / Closing Sell / Selling / Sold - Note: As of now, these are closing long or STC. Not opening short.
Cut / Cutting - Note: Not to be mistaken with trim/partial.