Opening Long Position

This page will show you how to open long stocks & options positions. BTO (Buy to Open) is the trigger to open long positions.

Stocks Input

BTO <ticker> @ <price> I.e. BTO AAPL @ 150.20
To open your long stock position, use the trigger BTO followed by the ticker and use @ before your price.

Options Input

BTO <ticker> <exp. date> <strike> <call/put> @ <price> I.e. BTO SPY 1/23 450 call @ 1.23 BTO SPY 1/23 450c @ 1.23
You can also use the format with expiration after strike & call/put I.e. BTO SPY 450c 1/23 @ 1.23
To open your long options position, use the trigger BTO followed by the ticker, then the expiration date using MM/DD format, your strike price, and either attaching c or p to it or specifying call or put. Note: You can use single digit months, but days always need to be double digits. I.e. 6/01

You can enter in your actual price or use CMP or M for the current market price.