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You can share your trades to Twitter right from the app
Trades can also be sent to Twitter. Currently you will need to confirm each tweet after submitting a trade position, but we'll be implementing the option to fully automate it which will require the user to create a Twitter developer account and prvoide their API keys so our app can post tweets on your behalf. To share your trades to Twitter you can either enable it in your account settings, or just check the Share to Twitter box when submitting a trade through the New Trade feature.
When enabled in settings, will always be enabled in New Trade
You have full permissions of how your message or embed looks when sent. We've built a 'no-code' message builder for your Discord trade sharing, scope it out in your account settings. There is where you'll also specify the webhooks you wish Trade Hub to use for sending out your trades.
You can customize each trade event message:
  • Open
  • Average
  • Trim/Partial
  • Closing
With every data property of the trade, and more:
  • Direction (long/short)
  • Ticker (and ticker logo)
  • Expiration date
  • Strike Price
  • Call/put
  • Notes
  • Link to Trade Insight page
  • Styles & flags
  • Curent market price of ticker
  • Daily high/low price of ticker

To learn how to customize your trade's message content, see the Customize Messages or embeds section.